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Viking Heroes 3

A grand and dangerous Viking adventure to rebuild Bifrost.
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VýrobceAlawar Czech
Operační systémWindows XP/Vista/7/8
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 Viking Heroes 3
* obrázky mají pouze ilustrativní charakter

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As a reward for their great deeds, the four Vikings are invited to a feast of the Gods. Our heroes set off together with the guardian of the rainbow bridge, but soon discover that the bridge has been destroyed and the path to Asgard is cut off! It’s up to you to team up with the Vikings and help them on their epic quest to restore Bifrost and stop the collision of all worlds!

There is no time to waste. If Bifrost is not restored soon, the worlds will collide, and chaos will reign.

Traveling across different worlds in search of the artifacts that can help repair the bridge, the Vikings will find themselves in many different locales that are equally as dangerous as they are stunning. Enlist the aid of old god friends and the Great Serpent Jörmungandr – even the cunning Loki will do you a favor to help catch the perpetrators!

Along the way, you’ll battle a myriad of supernatural creatures side by side with the Vikings, mine resources and eliminate obstacles in order to continue your journey. It’s a race against the clock, so use your wit!

Embark on an epic adventure and save the world!


Plná verze umožňuje:

  • 50 entertaining levels to beat
  • Easy, Normal and Hard game modes
  • Plenty of achievements to earn
  • Mini-games
  • Learn-as-you-play tutorial
  • Easy to pick up point-and-click gameplay

Minimální konfigurace:
OS: Windows 7/8/10 / CPU: 2 GHz / RAM: 2 GB / VRAM: 512 MB / DirectX 11


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